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Operation & Maintenance

Our Services:
  • Asset Management of public utilities
  • Pumping stations, Treatment Plants, Diesel Power Plants
  • Routine, Preventive and Responsive Maintenance for Buildings, Pumping stations, Treatment Plants; Power Plants; sub-stations
  • Maintenance of Transmission and Distribution Networks of Power, Water and Wastewater
  • Pipeline Inspection and CCTV works. Replacement & Rehabilitation
  • Planned & Emergency Repair works for any of the above facilities including Civil

In the UAE, MACE has swiftly gained a solid reputation with the ADSSC (Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company) for the high quality Sewerage Network Installations. The relationship was further cemented when MACE took over the Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage Assets on Abu Dhabi Island in 2002 for 10 years, including the entire network of Gravity and Pumped Sewers.

The Contract was subsequently followed by other O&M contract in 2012 from ADSSC in the vast geo region of Al Ain in the UAE. This is a joint venture with the distinguished International Company, FCC Aqualia. It is a testament to MACE, and in particular to our O&M project team, that ADSSC have been sufficiently satisfied with our performance based (KPI) contracts.

In 2019, MACE, became again the winning bidder of two important operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The contract involves the operation and maintenance of the sanitation system of the capital, Abu Dhabi, as well as of the islands of Al Reem, Al Maryah and Al Saadiyat. In addition, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have renewed the sanitation management contract in Al Ain, Eastern Zone of Abu Dhabi, in which the company is already providing its services to over 650,000 inhabitants.

With this new contract, the company will manage the sanitation services for the capital's inhabitants and manage 1,320 kilometers of sanitation networks, as well as 54 waste water pumping stations, supplying a total of 280,000 m3/day (more than 100,000 million liters per year).

Renewal of the contract in Al Ain in recognition of the company's successful performance

In addition, MACE has renewed its operation and maintenance contract to manage the sewerage and waste water treatment systems of the East Zone of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi over the next 7 years, which includes the city of Al Ain, the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Both contracts consolidate the leadership of the consortium led by AqualiaMACE in the Emirate, in which it manages the waste water of almost two thirds of the population.


Cutting edge, innovative and committed, FCC Aqualia is a leading company in the water management sector. Together we are constantly searching for ways to improve the efficiency of production processes and the optimization of resources.

Using the most advanced technologies and a clear customer focus, FCC Aqualia and MACE work in all phases of the integral water cycle, from the collection, purification and treatment of the water collected from the natural environment to its distribution and the collection of used water for treatment and return to the natural environment in optimal, environment-friendly conditions, responding to all the needs of public and private organizations and all uses, human, agricultural and industrial.