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Chairman’s Message

It has been 53 years since MACE was founded in Libya in 1968. Through those years MACE continues to honour the Motto of the School of Engineering at AUB “Service to Humanity”. Hard work and dedication towards our duty are the major reasons behind MACE’s success in the MENA areas of the Arab world.

The 53 years have not been without problems or stubborn challenges, but we persevered. I am grateful to everyone who became a part of the MACE family for his or her contribution in their own capacity. It is my duty to see and make sure that MACE should continue for a long time in the future and not succumb to the malaise that most companies founded by individuals usually endure. It demands selfless and dedicated people to continue.

I thank our clients whether Governmental or Private for their trust and business as well as my colleagues within MACE. A special word of thanks goes to my family who believed in MACE’s motto and soldiered on.

William Haddad


Libya 14 April 1968 Bill Haddad's 1st MACE pipeline project in the desert.Over the next 53 years the company expanded across the Middle East and employed thousands of people